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Date Time Title Presenter(s)
10/12/21 7 p.m. CDT The Grumman Duck
Museum Webinar Series
Chris Henry and Ben Page
  The Grumman J2F Duck served many roles during the second World War. This included the role of supply aircraft, as well as providing a means to rescue downed airmen. Join Chris Henry and Ben Page from the EAA Aviation Museum to learn more about the type, as well as the history of the J2F Duck in the EAA museum’s Eagle Hangar.
10/13/21 7 p.m. CDT Flying With Broken Flight Controls
Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.
Gordon Penner
  Aerobatic instructor and IAC member Gordon Penner talks about how to handle jammed or broken flight controls and get safely to the ground. Discussion of strategies for flying with jammed or broken flight controls in accordance with Rich Stowell’s Emergency Maneuver Training program.
10/14/21 7 p.m. CDT AeroEducate – EAA’s Newest Youth Education Initiative For Chapters
Justin Payton and John Egan
  Join EAA staff members Justin Payton and John Egan as they discuss EAA’s newest youth program, AeroEducate. Designed to deliver free, interactive, educational, and engaging experiences to youth through EAA chapters, school, and from home, AeroEducate’s web-based resources provide clear, age-appropriate content to aviation and aerospace engagement, and even career paths. Learn how your EAA chapter can use available AeroEducate resources at upcoming Young Eagles rallies and Workshops to increase youth engagement.
10/20/21 7 p.m. CDT Preventing VFR Into IMC: Using Your Personal Weather Minimums
Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.
Dr. Scott Dennstaedt
  Flying VFR into instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) kills more pilots than all of the other weather-related accidents combined. Dr. Scott Dennstaedt will dive into the reasons why even experienced pilots make these fatal mistakes and explain how to use personal minimums to quantify the risk prior to making a flight, especially as it relates to adverse weather.
10/27/21 7 p.m. CDT A Clue (or Two) For Your Next Flight Review
Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.
Rod Machado
  Would you like to learn a little history about the flight review? Perhaps you’d like to make your next flight review a more pleasant and enjoyable experience? Or, would you like to know what is required of you during the flight review? If any of these strike your fancy, then please join award-winning CFI Rod Machado for a fun and educational discussion on this topic.
11/2/21 7 p.m. CST Building a Canard Aircraft
Homebuilders Webinar Series
Mike Beasley
  Mike Beasley, editor of Canard Aviation magazine introduces the awesome world of canard aircraft and will cover considerations for selecting, building, owning, and flying these unique and efficient composite aircraft. Discussions will highlight the benefits of canard aircraft and also provide sources of support for builders and owners.
11/3/21 7 p.m. CST How Hot is Too Hot?
Qualifies for FAA WINGS and AMT credit.
Mike Busch
  Keeping CHTs under good control is one of the most important contributors to piston aircraft engine longevity. But how hot is too hot? Is cooler always better? And if CHTs are too hot, how can you figure out why and what can you do to correct it? In this webinar, Mike Busch A&P/IA offers the operational guidelines and troubleshooting techniques you need to keep your CHTs well-behaved.
11/9/21 7 p.m. CST The Autogyro
Museum Webinar Series
Chris Henry and Ben Page
  There are several gyroplanes in the EAA Aviation Museum’s collection. These aircraft have been used from everything from news aircraft to flying around the world. Join Chris Henry and Ben Page from the EAA museum staff as they discuss the gyros preserved here in the museum as well as the history behind this type of aircraft.
11/10/21 7 p.m. CST Where’s My Oil Pressure? A Case of Maintenance-Induced Failure
Qualifies for FAA WINGS and AMT credit.
Prof. H. Paul Shuch
  The most hazardous flight you’re ever likely to make is the first one after your airplane comes out of the repair shop. This is a case study of an actual maintenance-induced failure (MIF), leading Prof. H. Paul Shuch to declare an emergency and make an unscheduled power-off landing. Learn how to prepare for and deal with the unexpected — MIF is no myth!
11/17/21 7 p.m. CST Bravo Buster: Adventures In and Around the National Airspace System
Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.
Laura Herrmann
  “I have a phone number for you to call when you are on the ground, advise when ready to copy.” Those are words no pilot wants to hear! Join Laura Herrmann as she describes her inadvertent foray into O’Hare Class B airspace and the events that followed. She’ll also discuss her flight around the Washington, D.C., SFRA, including what kind of training is involved. Additionally, she’ll be answering the questions: what’s the Fluky gate, why is the Leesburg airport special, and how are P56 and R-6608A different? Join us for a tour around some challenging and difficult airspace!
12/8/21 7 p.m. CST The Truth About Stalls
Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.
Tom Turner
  A lot of what we know, and what we teach and evaluate about stalls, doesn’t mesh with the actual Loss of Control Inflight (LOC-I) accident record. Join Tom Turner from the American Bonanza Society Air Safety Foundation to investigate what we can learn from the NTSB record that will help us train and practice to avoid real-world stall scenarios.
12/14/21 7 p.m. CST The History of EAA’s B-25
Museum Webinar Series
Chris Henry and Ben Page
  EAA’s B-25 Berlin Express has led an incredible life. Originally built for war, this aircraft soldiered on to become an executive aircraft, transport, movie star, and eventually flying museum piece. Join Chris Henry and Ben Page from the EAA Aviation Museum as they discuss the history of this incredible aircraft.


Some EAA Webinars qualify for credit in the FAA’s WINGS or AMT awards program. Visit for details.